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Living Really Lightly

Following up on the discussions we have been having at Meeting about simplicity, consumerism and Christmas presents, etc., here is a link to a true story of a young woman who has simplified her life to the point of stepping outside the money economy altogether ( http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2010/jan/02/katherine-hibbert-living-without-money ). Maybe there is a bigger supportive community for this kind of choice in Britain than in the US, and maybe it is mainly a choice available to childless young people. Such lifeways may serve as a bridge to a society where gratuitous wastefulness is no longer tolerated and pointless acquisitiveness is no longer rewarded.

I am particularly mindful of the fact that she went from anxiety to calmness during her year of living money-free, Just being reminded that such a way of living is possible in this century feels like a kind of psychic floor under my feet that might embolden me to go farther toward simplicity than I might otherwise feel safe going if I believed I had to walk on air.