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Fall in North Carolina

Itinerary thus far -

Oct. 1-5 - Leave TMS, move to Ashfield, MA
Oct. 18-21- Boston, Providence, Somerville, Cambridge
Oct. 21-23- Lyman Gathering, Eliot, ME
Oct. 23,24- Philadelphia and Pendleton Hill
Oct. 24,25 - Wm. Penn House, DC, visit w. Emily Livingston, staff for Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, and Diane Randall at FCNL about abolishing the death penalty
Oct. - Durham, NC,
Oct. - Wrightsville Beach, Durham, Marion, Old Fort, Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa,
Nov. 1 - 5 Asheville and Hendersonville
Nov. 5- 6 Hickory to Statesville to Yadkinville (Branon Friends Church) to Winston-Salem
Nov. 6-7 Winston-Salem to Atlanta to Cordele,GA to Koinonia
Nov. 7-? Koinonia and Fort Benning (School of the Americas/SOA Watch)
Nov. 2? - Dec.? Florida (either before or just after Thanksgiving) till just before Xmas
Dec. ? Return to New England. My plan now is to be in NH for Christmas.
Jan. ? Richmond, IN Jan. Intensive at Earlham School of Religion
Jan. ? Five day retreat at Woolman Hill

Nov. 5, Dear Friends - As I suspected all along this has been a virtual journey as well as a physical one. I think you might not have ever got the photos I tried to send because I attached a slice of a video and it froze my computer up. Alas, I lost many in the repair/upgrade. Back on the highway, I'll try again.

For the past three days, since I left Warren Wilson (called Wilson by folks here), I've been staying with Susan Williams in Hendersonville in a lovely house high up on a hill looking out over mountains and surrounded by mixed hardwoods now shedding their leaves. Fall has been gorgeous here, better I think than it was in NH where the leaves didn't really turn fully. I hope you all are surviving the early snow.

I was traveling with Frances May who sends her love. She succumbed to the flu after dropping me at Wilson and has been in bed at a friend's house since. While in Durham I worshipped at Durham, NC Friends Meeting, bringing greetings from Durham, ME and Monadnock QM. Frances and I spent a night at Wrightsville Beach then travelled to the mountains where we visited her friend Sheila Adams, worshipped and volunteered at a soup kitchen/food pantry/clothing distirbution and toured Old Fort, where Frances grew up.

Susan Williams and Frances met at TMS right around the time of the 50th reunion and have stayed in touch ever since. When Frances got sick Susan graciously took me in and we've been getting to be friends as well as exploring my IPad and her IPhone, laughing about being gray-haired geeks. I called her on FaceTime by mistake last night and there we were staring at each other through our devices not knowing how it happened.

I had a great two days at Wilson. Saw Andrew Gibbons, Amanda Stanley, Carrie Stanton and Luke Brown and friends. They send their love to those who know them. Andrew and I volunteered on the Herb Crew, harvesting and processing Echinacea root. The campus is beautiful and the folks here are thoroughly into Southern hospitality.

Today, Saturday Nov.5, I'm planning to get hooked up with some folks from Statesville, going to Branon Friends Church In Yadkinville tomorrow before leaving for Georgia. Branon is the meeting that Monadnock QM was paired with for the FUM chain of prayer a we years ago.

That's it for now. I'm saying a little prayer that a few photos will get to you in a follow-up email. Frances has tons from her travels with me so you will see those eventually.
blessings, Sheila
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