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Quaker Readers

(submitted by Sandy Isaacs )
Dear Friends,

At the first meeting in September, we decided what we would read until January so that people could plan ahead and find the book and have time to read it. We are not meeting 4th week in November and 4th week in December because of holidays. Reminder: everyone in meeting is welcome but you're more welcome if you've done the reading.

When Where What?

September 24 Ruth Herman On-line Friends Journal article for Sept.
Learning to Love Paul Wolfowitz

October 9 Vogts /If Grace is True /by Gulley & Mulholland
Available new and used at Amazon.com

October 23 Irene On-line Friends journal article for October

October 22 7:pm Isaacs Afghanistan movie:Dessert at 7;
Discussion following with NH Peace person

November 12 Whites /Tao/ by Lao Tzu

December 10 Ginny Hillegass /The Gospel According to Jesus /by Stephen Mitchell

January 14 Colemans /Annie's Box; Charles Darwin, his Daughter, and
Human Evolution
/by Randall Keynes